Acceptance vs. receiving a gift

Supposedly they are the sam.  One of the definitions of acceptance is to receive a gift.  But accepting bad news or a disruptive change in my life does not feel like receiving a gift.  And it can take some time for me to feel that way.  Or try to adjust my attitude to feel that way.

But change simply happens.  People move, trip plans change and my  motivation for throwing money at it (as if I could) to change it–won’t change it.  It is me that has to change.  And that aches.

So I will take some time to ease into this difference, honor the love that shows itself in sadness and tears.  I have space to go through the stages of acceptance: resistance (which, of course, is futile), anger, bargaining (that’s where I am now), wrestling, struggling (two of my own stages), sadness and resolution to a new stand on the earth.  Until a quake shifts me off balance again.

The trees are eternal.  The earth will be at my feet forever. 

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