Cling like a shadow

They say to cling to the Tao like a shadow, but to move without a shadow.  To move with the Tao as if I am it’s spirit angel, but to move through life without any wake of debris.

I really am not sure, being human, that I can move through this life without a wake.  Everything has a wake in the material world.  I am not THE Tao, I am one with the Tao–different.  Even birds leave an indistinguishable wake in the air as they fly, boats on a lake, me talking through life.  My hope and goal and practice is that it is a good “wake”–ha!  That when i am remembered, it is for a smile, or a laugh, or a kind word. 

But today Dear One, I want to cling to you like Your shadow, stepping in Your steps immediately as You lift Your precious foot. Hiding behind you like a gigglng game.  Wrapping myself around Your shoulders when You face the Light.  Whispering in Your ear about my endless love.

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