Too much to eat last night–chocolate truffle making class has done me in.  I had too much.  And now I feel not enough, empty, aching, dull-witted. 

The constant mental plague of humans is that “I’m not enough.”  Funny how when we feel this way we indulge in anything we can get our hands on.  Trying to fill a spiritual hole with material like food, clothes, other bodies, money, accolades.  And the more we imbibe, grasp and scramble, the more gaping that inner abyss of emptiness.

Thus I sit opened up, split and gaping, a cavern of space.  May this be an open field.  Allowing for rich dead loam of the past to fertilize me.  Ready for seeds to root and grow.  Wildflowers to roam.  Bees to nestle and buzz.  And grace to flower.

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