Following God’s Nose

God Knows, after all.  So following Her Nose makes sense on those days that nothing seems to inspire, the doldrum of the human ant’s life whines endlessly before and behind me.  So I allow the Divine to play the human game through me.  What would She want to do if She were me for a day.

When I release myself into the nothingness that is reality, and leave all my stories behind, I am freed from the stories.  But it is a difficult practice, as the stories stick to me like marshmellow fluff, sweet and pervasive.  It needs a concerted effort to wash these old tales of adventure and woe off my sticky brain.

So today I let the breeze go through me without a barrier.  Open inside forever.  Letting the spring mating furiously singing birds fly through me, the bumblebees humm as they lick the sticky sweet love from Her Lotus within.

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