Love is a river. Always flowing.

I don’t even need to know where it begins.  Or ends.  Sitting here, watching the ever-changing ripples,the same over and over and over again, is eternity.  Always happening, never the same.

No desire.  Free of worry.  Allowing and willing.  The river flows and gurgles and rushes and is a symphony of cleansing, nourishing and light.

Yeah.  Well.  I wish my knees wouldn’t hurt, that I could get some real rest without the mind whirling, and eat that which nourishes instead of indigests!  That was the body-mind.  The human casing, the sweet protective part of my earth-heart.  Changes, moving, boxes, events, receiving, blessings, duties, friends.  Tired.

The only constant is change.  And I am so glad to be here. Now.  River watching.

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