Radiant feelings

The Tao shines from the inside out–making me, they say, radiant.  My feelings don’t feel radiant, they feel like sludge.  or the May mud that shows up in untilled gardens.  Flowers always seem radiant–and trees–even if they are shedding or dying or white washed bones along the rocky shore.

Nature is natural radiance.  I should take a tip from these non-thinking, non-feeling ever-brilliant beings.  But I’m a human this time, and cranky, self-righteous, pouty, snotty, wanting things my way, despite hills, tides and landslides.

So today I follow my God nose-since God knows.  Sometimes She doesn’t tell me clearly though.  Sometimes my pouting gets in the way of hearing and seeing her path.  I’m a human, remember, not a soft fawn tracing steps to the river.

There’s my prayer today.  That if I am still on the Way, I will hear the rushing river, gurgling creek and tinkling waterfall of Her Love–giggling as she plays hide and seek with me.

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