Years Later

They call it life on life’s terms, when years pass and the labyrinth brings you back to another center along the same path. More words need to be shared here, especially as every cell in my body has changed since the last post.

Being human continually offers me a million different views, yet the same spirit is what opens my eyes. Trees are still in the windows. Children now with their own children. My home is quiet, and my body endures. I am now celebrating my calling, my natural work.

Here’s the thing: I am here to remind you how deeply you are loved. How being in and as love–the world is amazing. We are infinite beings dancing in a dear solid form of the blue-green earth. No matter the fear of death, taxes, screwed politics, bad insurance, health snafus, unfair litigation, puzzling end of relationships, anger or blessed moments with an infant’s first smile. I need to remind myself and you–we are the Flow. In love. No matter what.