Transformational Testimonials

(aka testimonials)

Katie Kay is my muse!  She has a magical gift of combining astrology, tarot and most importantly her intuition of connecting the dots that help guide me on my human journey.  She’s an absolute blessing in my life.

       Bobby, Software executive

Katie helps me recognize the fears, emotions and triggers that keep me from moving forward to where I want to be.  Fear…anger…wounds…self worth…Fear of failure, fear of recognition, fear of loss, fear of what ifs….So that when I bump up against that emotional wall, I can recognize it and deal with it.

Kathy, Artist

Katie can identify clearly what my challenges and strengths are. With her coaching I am learning to rewrite my belief that my value requires struggle, into something more like: easy playfulness gives me a sense of freedom and peace. So much nicer!

Aylin, Massage Therapist & Entrepreneur

Katie Kay’s coaching totally changed my life. Without exaggeration I am certain that she helped me to break deep and painful patterns that were keeping me sick. She taught me the power of pause and prayer. Many of Katie’s techniques I use constantly in my daily life when I feel stressed or worried. Katie has a magical way of cutting through to the heart of a problem and finding a compassionate solution. I struggled so much with impatience and feelings of lack. Katie taught me how to comfort myself and begin to feel whole without needing anything from the outside. Her techniques are special and I will carry them with me for my entire life. 

Brianna, Scriptwriter